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Don’t be afraid of pairing different colors together!
Just remember that bold colors go with bold colors
and always have that one muted piece to balance it out— like a skinny tan belt.
This is my newest and favorite outfit for that sunny/windy day before fall comes.
That one piece in your closet that you have felt unsure about; take it out and try it on with different styles and pieces until it fits like a puzzle.
You might discover a great fashion forward and pretty outfit that you never knew existed.
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Hey guys! miss me?
i know i haven’t been on for a long time! but i got some great looks for you.
The focus for this outfit, was mixing up textures!
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Admin S is more than ready for sweater weather, especially after dealing with this Texas heat
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I absolutely love to do my nails. For this week I decided I would combine all my favorite nail designs in one.
Using my favorite nail color the bold and always classy S.C Black on Black(#103)as the base running it along my nails to create the paint drip nail style. 
After I applied a thin coat of NYC Matte me Crazy to give the negative space of my natural nail a smooth clean look
Finally I adding a shimmering dazzle with Sally Hansen Snow Globe(#140) ontop of the black only in order to give it a galaxy appearance